Simply disconnect with classic "batch file" v3.3x

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Simply disconnect with classic "batch file" v3.3x

Post by mtcmtc » Sat Jan 29, 2022 10:44 am

hi all,

i hope it is possible ...

I simly want to disconnet by executing a classic (not PowerShell) batch file (historical reasons)

connecting with

Code: Select all

call "C:\Program Files\OpenVPN Connect\OpenVPNConnect.exe" connect "PC <1234567890123.ovpn>"
Entering user-id and password isn't necessarry (implemented)
works like a charm ... but it would be nice to bypass the click to aktivate the connection ...

but i try for ours to disconnect ... but with no succsess!
(I am shure, that i use the wrong syntax)

OpenVPNConnect.exe (and Program (64bit))= 3.3.4 (path=C:\Program Files\OpenVPN Connect)
OS = Windows 10 pro 64bit (21H2)
1234567890123.ovpn (path=c:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\OpenVPN Connect\profiles\)
OpenVPN Disconnect.lnk (path=c:\Users\Name\Desktop\) working!
OpenVPN Connect.lnk (path=c:\Users\Public\Desktop\) working!

Please ... could anyone be so kind to help me?

thanks a lot Mike ... and sorry for my bad english

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