Problem using hostname instead of IP address

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Problem using hostname instead of IP address

Post by jradoff » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:04 pm

I am having difficulty setting up OpenVPN to use the hostname assigned to my machine, which is causing a problem since our SSL certificate is assigned to the hostname, not the IP.

When I first installed OpenVPN (on Ubuntu 10.4), it set things up with a hostname set to the machine's IP address. Everything seems to work fine, except that when I change the Network Server Settings -> Hostname or IP address to the hostname, the server never responds when I connect to the server using just the hostname (things continue to work if I use the IP address instead).

I did find that when I initially isntalled OpenVPN, I had apache httpd answering the normal port 80 (default configuration; with the "it works!" message). I shut apache2 down, removed it from /etc/init.d and restarted the openvpnas server, but still no luck--it's just not answering on the machine's hostname.

Any ideas?

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