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Shared Access Service (Internet Connection Sharing) stop after reboot

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2023 10:14 pm
by Margenius
Some weeks ago I created a VPN at my home with OpenVPN 2.6.4. I installed server version on my home workstation that I can access from my Android phone and other PCs out of my home. It worked very good on these days on both client and server side, but suddenly a strange issue occurred: ICS Service sometimes stopped automatically and obviously connection sharing was interrupted. If I restarted the service manually it kept running without problems. So I checked ICS settings and everywhere these seems to be corrects. Yesterday I set ICS Service to start automatically on services.msc, on CMD and on Windows PowerShell. Since I did this, every time I turn on the PC, at my home or from remote, ICS Service starts (after I set the service to start automatically), but some seconds after it goes down (stopped) and on services.msc this appears set to manual (trigger start). If I reboot my PC, ICS Service doesn't start anymore automatically because is always set to manual and I need to start it manually to make the VPN works. In any case if I start ICS Service manually it starts and works good without particularly problems. Also I set EnableRebootPersistConnection = 1 on Windows Registry but nothing changes. Also I tried to create some scripts to execute ICS Service automatically with CMD or Windows PowerShell but maybe for security issues none of these worked well. Anyone can help me to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance for the answers.