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How to setup Split OpenVPN

Posted: Tue May 16, 2023 7:51 pm
by funwisely
Home MacOS connected to Home and Organization Router with following IP and Interface:

IP Interface
Home MacOS Connection -- DHCP Assigned en0 ----physical
VPN Connection --- VPN assigned when connected utun3 -- virtual
Other Work Computers 172.16.x.x -- DHCP assigned at work own physical interface
Proxy Server 169.23.x.x Port 22345 --at work for email access
Other Work network 192.168.x.x

Home MacBook running Tunnelblick client application has successfully connected to work OpenVPN successfully with all above IP and Interface.

How can I set my Route so that only traffic to work (172.16.xx.xx and Proxy server) uses VPN while rest of the traffic go directly to the Internet. Don't want to overload small bandwidth VPN network channel.