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Access to shared folder use pc ip instead of vpn one

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2023 1:15 pm
by entretoize
Hello, I have a dedicated server online on which I installed openvpn server, I can connect to it with Openvpn GUI for windows, my ip is well changed on the web.

However I have a samba share on the same server, that allow only local traffic, and it should work through the vpn, but when I try to connect through windows (using \\my-server-ip\myshare) it reject the access, and in the samba server log I see my pc ip instead on the one of the server.

It work if I add the pc ip to allowed host in the samba share.

Why not all my traffic pass through the vpn ? What can I do ?


EDIT: I can confirm that everything is good on the server side as using android Openvpn client app I can access the share.