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Using two openvpn servers for connecting client to the free net

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2023 2:54 pm
by batis
We have two server which are not at the same subnet.
Both server has ubuntu 18.04.
And also Openvpn software is installed on both of them.
Server A and Server B , both of them has access to each other directly without any problem.
Server A has full access to the internet but Server B has access to the internet with some limitations.
There are some clients which do not have access to the internet.
These Clients just have access to the Server B (Which has some limitation) and they have no access to Server A .
How can we configure Server B as a Bridge Server between these Clients and Server A, So the Clients can have access to the Server A and to the Internet also.
I need something like IPTables port forwarding in Server B or a specific configuration setting for this routing process.
Does Anyone has any Idea or Solution for this ?