OpenVPN on ASUS router, client can only access handful of domains, HELP!

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OpenVPN on ASUS router, client can only access handful of domains, HELP!

Post by fkmkjgr » Mon Aug 08, 2022 7:31 pm

I have setup an OpenVPN server running on my ASUS AC86U router directly from the native GUI. I'm running the client on a GL iNet Beryl travel router, again through the router's native GUI. The tunnel connection is successful, but when I try to load a page on the internet all I seem to have access to are very few domains for some reason like Google, Facebook or Amazon. Anything else will keep on loading forever.
I am running on MacOS and also have close to no understanding of how most of this works so please ELI5 if you have the patience.

I successfully added an tun-mtu 1450 line to my server config which weirdly gave me access to a couple more websites (reddit for example) but not all. Tried lowering my mtu to 71 (highest I could go to get 0% packet loss from pinging any random server) but the VPN server will only let me go down to 100.

After waiting a bit for pages to load I get a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on Chrome.

I have a dynamic IP but am running DDNS on an asuscomm domain so shouldn't be the cause of the issue here.

Desperately need this to get online pretty urgently so appreciate any help here!

Config code is as follows:
server config
remote [servername] 2023
proto udp
dev tun
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0
keepalive 10 30

# for OpenVPN 2.4 or older
comp-lzo yes
# for OpenVPN 2.4 or newer
;compress lzo

auth SHA1
cipher AES-128-CBC
remote-cert-tls server

Then followed by certification and key.

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