Connect permission is "Media Only" - can't import profile

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Connect permission is "Media Only" - can't import profile

Post by ovirt » Thu May 26, 2022 5:35 am

In trying to resolve a DNS push issue on a setup that was working a couple of months ago, and seeing that the Connect app had recently been updated to 3.2.7, I used apkmirror to install v3.2.6. Upon attempting to import the connection profile Connect was not able to find it. In Settings I discovered I could only assign "Media Only" access permission to Connect. Tapping the .ovpn file in My Files prompted me to search the Play Store for an app to but upon selecting OpenVPN Connect it would just take me back to the Import Profile screen - and no association gets registered.

I then re-installed v3.2.7 from the Play Store but it now exhibits the same problems - it can only be assigned "Media Only" permission and the profile can't be found to be imported and the app can't be associated with the .ovpn file.

Is there anything else I can try?

Galaxy Tab A7 Lite / Android 11

Prior to doing the above, the connection was establishing and could ping hosts at the server end, but the DNS push was no longer working, so name resolution of hosts on the "<our>.local" domain (also pushed) wasn't happening.

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Re: Connect permission is "Media Only" - can't import profile

Post by NJM4558 » Thu Jun 02, 2022 5:22 am

I haven't use OpenVPN in awhile, so I hit this problem thinking I messed up the profile file encoding or something else during ftp/transfers. I currently have OpenVPN 3.2.7 on android with no previous profiles imported.

It might work if you rename all files from .pem, .key, .ovpn to .txt, then update file entries in .ovpn to reflect .txt filenames. Then try the profile import in the OpenVPN Android app.
I think android counts .txt as a media file (or maybe try .jpg)..

If it fails with the same parse error... ?? It probably means waiting for an update for the android app.

I was going to try this... but have not gotten to a desktop pc to work on this. If it works, I can finish some server/client setup, but I will still have to wait for an updated android app with fixes applied as I don't want to get away from using the usual file extensions on client machines.

edit: the permission manager shows for OpenVPN 'files and media' permission, the detail of: "read the contents of your shared storage", I'm not sure if that only means reading the contents of a directory, as opposed to also including the contents of files(??).

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