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Multiple Users Access in Windows 10 host

Posted: Sat Oct 16, 2021 9:02 am
by dr-robot
Hi everybody ! I'm new in this fantastic software and i need as i wrote in the subject, to create a multiple connection to a Windows machine in my office from different users : both in the office and both in other part of the city ( remote-mode) . Am I in the right place ? Do i choose the right instrument to do that ? I mean , DO the VPN is the best solution to make such kind of work ? If yes, i need to config one host as server and the others as clients ?

Thanks in advance

Dr-Robot :mrgreen:

Re: Multiple Users Access in Windows 10 host

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2021 12:46 pm
by openvpn_inc
Hello dr-robot,

The situation is not entirely clearly painted for me. But I'll take a stab at what you want. It sounds like you have a Windows machine in your office in a private network behind some Internet router, and you want to give people outside the office access to this Windows machine in some safe way. I don't know what protocol you intend to use, perhaps RDP, perhaps SMB, or something else. But that likely won't matter much.

There are 2 options that OpenVPN Inc. offers;

What you can do is deploy a virtual machine or a physical machine running the OpenVPN Access Server software on the office network, open some ports in your Internet router to that Access Server, and then set up users and have them download and install OpenVPN Connect and connect that to your OpenVPN Access Server. The VPN tunnel established then will allow the outside users connected to your Access Server to also reach other machines in your office network, like the Windows machine you meant.

Another option is to sign up for a free OpenVPN Cloud account, and install OpenVPN Connect on your Windows machine in the office and connect it to OpenVPN Cloud. Then do the same for outside users that want to access the office Windows machine, and through the VPN, you can then access this office Windows machine. Every machine connected to OpenVPN Cloud gets it own static IP within your VPN network, so the office Windows machine can always be found at the same internal VPN IP address.

Kind regards,