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Rethinking the forum boards?

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 2:41 pm
by samuli
Hi everyone,

In recent OpenVPN community meetings the idea of rethinking the forum board layout has been brought up. There are certain topics like open source client usage/configuration that do not fit into any existing forum board.

Below is a new layout proposal created by pippin that is meant as a starting point for discussion. The "Enterprise/business" part of the proposal has already been implemented and is omitted here.

Forum rules, forum support and GDPR
The forum rules.

Questions related to the functionality of the forum.
Account deletion and GDPR
Archived forum
Announcements (Involving releases, updates, alpha, beta and new features)


How to get help
Posting required information to get help.

New to OpenVPN?
How to get started with OpenVPN.

General questions
Post here if it doesn't seem to fit elsewhere.

Problems installing?
For any operating system, post here.

Certificate and client management
Subforums: easy-rsa, easy-tls

Subforums: Server configuration, Client configuration

Subforums: Server configuration, Client configuration

Other operating systems
Subforums: Server configuration, Client configuration

Scripting and plugins
Questions involving extending OpenVPN via script and plugin hooks.
Subforums: Authentication, Automation

Routing and firewall


Testing branch
Subforums: openvpn-dco, OpenVPN 3 Linux

Feature requests

Off topic

Thoughts about this new layout proposal?

Re: Rethinking the forum boards?

Posted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 2:44 pm
by samuli
I would personally prefer to have a single "Server" board. The rationale: server configuration is mostly the same regardless of the operating system. If we split it to several boards there's a risk of having less people answer generic server questions. On the client-side differences between operating systems are bigger (GUI-vise at least), so maybe a split there makes more sense.