OVPN still uses 4G even when WIFI is connected

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OVPN still uses 4G even when WIFI is connected

Post by -Mike- » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:10 pm

Hi there,

i got a Problem since i use OVPN. I am no expert, but i managed to configure it on my Synology NAS, my FritzBox, a dynDNS Service, the app and automate it with tasker.

So for me it was hard work of learning, but now it does exactly and perfectly what i want it to do.

Unfortunately i now see the Problem, that when i am connected to 4G and my phone connects to WIFI, all data is still sent over 4G. Just today it drained all my data when watching Videos while being connected to WIFI.....
Also if the Connection in a Basement is so bad that i only get a 2G Signal, the link stays connected but the Internet is unusable, while the phone is connected to a perfect WIFI Signal.

I use Android 9 (Huawei EMUI 9.1) and OVPN 3.0.7.

I only found this threads, which Arent helpful for me.

I am very curious if no one else faces this Problem...

Thanks for help!

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