Using VPN or other software to watch TV

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Using VPN or other software to watch TV

Post by DanWinslow » Fri Mar 01, 2024 12:23 am

First off this is my first post on this service. If this is in the wrong forum, please move it to the appropriate one. I looked around and thought this may be the best one.

My dilemma is trying to watch TV in Canada from the US. I have tried various VPNs without much luck. Normally if I try to log into a service I pay for in Canada, yes Shaw or TELUS or whatever, I get the message that I cannot watch this service outside of the country. I selected a Canadian IP address from the various VPN services but had no luck, it never works.

As an alternative, I used to be able to remote into my computer at home and watch TV through a browser on a Windows 10 computer on a browser, which is logged into the TV service. Through their apps or online TV.

However, lately, even that has stopped.

No longer is the video coming through. And the remote service I use and pay for can't figure it out.

The audio streams to my computer in the US but the video won't. However, if someone is at my computer at home, the video is there but it won't stream to me at my computer in the US.

So wondering if anyone can help out. Miss watching my Canadian shows while I am away.

VPN or remote into my computer are my issues I asking for help or direction.

Thank you,


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