VPN Connection severely hampers speeds

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VPN Connection severely hampers speeds

Post by itdweeb99 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 3:08 pm

I know that when your connected to a vpn, you sacrifice some of your internet speeds due to encryption and other overhead which I get. However, at my current location, I have a 500mb connection. The site where my OpenVPN server resides has a 1gb connection. However, when I am connected to the OpenVPN vpn connection and do a speedtest, I'm only getting about 75mb down and around 130mb up. I get that there will be speed loss but doesn't this seem to be way more than you would expect when I have a 500mb pipe on one end and a 1gb pipe on the other? We do have about 25-30 people on the vpn at any given time. Are there some sort of throttling settings in place?

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