Cannot connect with OpenVPN Connect

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Cannot connect with OpenVPN Connect

Post by roflox » Fri Mar 10, 2023 7:53 am

I have a configuration file from my colleague and a certificate in the format PKCS12 file. But When I use the cert and config together start VPN connection I get an error:

Error message:ssl_context_error:
OpenSSLContext: CA not defined

But when I check the cert it has CA defined in it so I don't understand what is the problem.

I have the latest MacOS on M1 Mac.

Thank you for any support.

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Re: Cannot connect with OpenVPN Connect

Post by JosephS » Mon Mar 27, 2023 8:33 am

Maybe you have already completed these steps but lets make sure:
1. Add your P12 certificate via the connect client: Select the menu (3 lines) > Certificate & Tokens > Add Certificate > Navigate to the location of the P12 certificate and select it.
2. Assign the added P12 certificate to the profile you want to connect to: Next to your profile select the edit button > Under "Certificate and Keys" click on "Assign" > Select the P12 certificate from the lost > Confirm > Click on Save.

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