Failed connection AND stuck on connecting

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Failed connection AND stuck on connecting

Post by RevJSton » Thu Feb 02, 2023 8:11 pm

I must preface this by saying I have only used OpenVPN for testing at home and I am a novice but I haven't been able to find sufficient answers scouring through the web and this forum. I am attempting to get a connection working that has only worked on the iPhone app but not from two different Windows 11 systems.
On the newest version of OpenVPN gui I am getting an error with the logs:

[olog]2023-02-02 10:27:32 Note: --cipher is not set. OpenVPN versions before 2.5 defaulted to BF-CBC as fallback when cipher negotiation failed in this case. If you need this fallback please add '--data-ciphers-fallback BF-CBC' to your configuration and/or add BF-CBC to --data-ciphers.
2023-02-02 10:27:32 OpenVPN 2.6.0 [git:v2.6.0/b999466418dddb89] Windows-MSVC [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [PKCS11] [AEAD] [DCO] built on Jan 25 2023
2023-02-02 10:27:32 Windows version 10.0 (Windows 10 or greater), amd64 executable
2023-02-02 10:27:32 library versions: OpenSSL 3.0.7 1 Nov 2022, LZO 2.10
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: TCP Socket listening on [AF_INET]
2023-02-02 10:27:32 Need hold release from management interface, waiting...
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: Client connected from [AF_INET]
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'state on'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'log on all'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'echo on all'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'bytecount 5'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'state'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'hold off'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: CMD 'hold release'
2023-02-02 10:27:32 WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been enabled. See for more info.
2023-02-02 10:27:32 OpenSSL: error:0A00018E:SSL routines::ca md too weak
2023-02-02 10:27:32 MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected
2023-02-02 10:27:32 Cannot load inline certificate file
2023-02-02 10:27:32 Exiting due to fatal error[/olog]

On anything prior to 2.6 I am forever connecting although I did not save logs from those.

My config file is:
dev tun
proto udp
remote 1194
resolv-retry infinite
verb 3

I was also looking to use a different TAP adapter as each time I've attempted to connect to the VPN it has rendered the Tap adapter unusable for another program, I've had to remove it completely and reinstall...

Any help with all this is super appreciated, I am struggling :?: :|

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