Openvpn in Ipad and Iphone

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Openvpn in Ipad and Iphone

Post by tqb » Wed Feb 01, 2023 8:10 pm

I want use OpenVpn on Iphone and Ipad.

Most important is RDP.

Present configuration: I build Openvpn server. It is cloud ubuntu with static ip etc etc. System is "site-to-site-vpn".

My home is client1; inside router (Openwrt) is openvpn. Workplace is client2. Wife office is client3. Roadwarrior 1, is client 4....roadwarrior 2 is client 5 ....roadwarrior 3 is client 6... etc etc.

System works properly. From home I can see my workplace network, printers etc. Typically I use my workplace computer using rdp.

Ok. So. All the system work.

"Roadwarrior" is my laptop. Inside it I have Openvpn client. When I connect it computer to any network (eg. hotel, open wlan), I can doubleclick openvpn-symbol... and, then I am connected to my network. 500 km away from home--- I go to coffee.... --- connect to cafe wlan--- openvpn double-click. And then, rdp, and, voilá, I am in my workplace computer.

I try explain my need as simple as possible. c:\program files\openvpn\config I can found bridge-down, up, ca.crt, client.ovpn, clientx.crt, csr, key etc.

Just some minutes ago I build "roadwarrior 3", so, "client 6". So I can add so many windows-laptop as I want.

QUESTION IS: How I can add Iphone? And Ipad? Of course Iphone display is very little, but it is really not important.

1: I build "client 7" now, and I make all same files, ca.crt, client7.crt, csr etc etc etc. So, all same files as earlier, but now new client 7. "Client 7 = iphone12".
2: client8 = ipad.

I install "openvpn connect" app from app store. But then- "import profile", "using Finder, select your device, go to OpenVPN under Apps tab, and drop your .openvpn and related cert/key files into the file sharing window".

So... "how"? I try click this OpenVpn connect app, and inside it is only "import profile", "file", but no any place for cert/key-etc files. Of course I can move all files using Icloud drive, but... from Iphone I cannot found place for all this files. Maybe same aswer help in Ipad.

Of course I try read FAQ, google, etc etc. But my question is too simple. No answer. Every manual, every forum thread... no answer.

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