2 router setup. Newbie question

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2 router setup. Newbie question

Post by crmountainman » Tue Aug 09, 2022 11:57 am

Please forgive what is probably a completely simple and elementary question for most here.

I’m living in the rainforest of Costa Rica and have a very good fiber optic internet and a great wifi router that sends a signal out about 100 yards in every direction. But now I’m signed up for Surfshark VPN and I’m wanting to have that service on my wifi. I would love to keep the router I have but I’m wondering if it is possible to have my internet signal go first into one of the small GL.iNet VPN travel routers and then into my existing router so that I can have VPN coverage over all my household devices and iPhones? Or if anyone has a better or more simple solution. Thanks much.

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