Very slow performance (<1MB/s over high throughput lines)

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Very slow performance (<1MB/s over high throughput lines)

Post by Titiviking » Tue Jul 05, 2022 1:11 pm

I've installed openvpn on my openwrt.
However the connection is very slow and not going over 1MB/s...

I'm connecting from work and have a very good upload of 280Mb/s and at home I got 150Mb/s download.
Hence when copying a file from my pc (at work) over the VPN I would expect to reach around 130Mb/s , but it seems like I'm barely reaching 8Mb/s.

  • Work internet speeds:
    • Upload: 280Mbps
    • Download: 250Mbps
  • Home internet speeds:
    • Upload: 30Mbps
    • Download: 150Mbps
  • VPN speed:
    • Upload: 150Mbps
    • Download: 30Mbps
  • VPN speed:
    • Upload: 8Mbps
    • Download: 8Mbps

Anyone got an idea why this is so slow ?

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