Internet connectivity delay and sometimes totally disconnect

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Internet connectivity delay and sometimes totally disconnect

Post by afaqhabib » Wed Jun 22, 2022 3:25 pm

DETAILED INFORMATION (Because I wanted the reader to understand my situation completely)

My organization is using OpenVPN Cloud and I have setup it in the project. Following are the steps:

1 - Create Users (User will get .ovpn file after creating a device and select a region which we define in group)

2 - Create Group (Region of group is San Jose. Split tunneling OFF as we want all traffic through tunnel. I have created the group to attach it to the Network which I will create. So, users in this group will be able to access resources. See below)

3 - Create a Network:

A - Select a scenario as Remote Access (As project required point to site access)
B - Enter details like name and description
C - Create a Connector in San Jose Region
D - Add private subnet of AWS VPC
E - Add Domains that we want to access
F - Select AWS to deploy connecter (Oregon region close to San Jose)
G - Now, everything is setup automatically through Cloud Front that was provided
H - Attach Elastic IP on EC2 that is created
I - Allow that IP on our resources that we want to access
J - Finally, add group in the network to give them access while turning on Egress and now as I turn on the Egress (Internet Gateway) on the created network to allow internet access to user (Here I have another issue that I want split tunneling OFF but whenever I try to turn it OFF then the Internet Gateway turn off too means NO INTERNET ACCESS so, that's why Split tunneling in ON (Don't know if it's a bug but will appreciate if someone can enlighten me on this and solve this query too along with my actual question))

4 - As everything is completely setup now, so, if I use the .ovpn file to connect then I am able to connect to my resources successfully... WOW


5 - There are a lot of connectivity issues. Latency is a lot. Many times we are not able to connect and when we are able to connect then the speed is too slow. EVEN sometimes internet doesn't work at all. MS Teams stop working. Outlook stop working etc.

6 - This problem is more when we are connected to OpenVPN through Linux systems using cmd (OpenVPN3 is installed)

7 - I want a solution to solve my connectivity problem because nothing is moving forward and our project is having productivity issues due to this.

P.S: Our resources are in different regions which are connected through VPC Peering. Some are in Oregon where we have deployed out connector. Even then we have connectivity problems.

Testing: Latency is around 380 to 420 when I try to ping my resources after connecting to OpenVPN.

Maybe I have missed something due to which this issue has occurred but do let me know.

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Re: Internet connectivity delay and sometimes totally disconnect

Post by afaqhabib » Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:16 am

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

P.S. In explanation of "Create a Network", At point G, I meant Cloud Formation not Cloud Front

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