Stops working after about 6 minutes

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Stops working after about 6 minutes

Post by stefanstarstable » Tue Dec 07, 2021 11:08 am


I'm using MacOS Catalina and the OpenVPN Connect client stops working after about 6 minutes, sometimes it works longer and sometimes shorter. Some days it stops working after about 20 seconds.

I've tried a few different versions of OpenVPN connect and all of them have the same behavior.

I was suspecting a timeout issue, so I kept the traffic up for a longer while. Didn't work either.

While it is working, I can use tools and web pages require VPN. When it stops working, internet connection is still working, but the traffic is not going through the VPN so I get disconnected from VPN-only services.
Manually disconnecting and connecting again fixes the problem.

I kept an eye on the logs, and I figured that this kind of message logged when it stops working:

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30/09/2021, 11:41:40 MacLifeCycle NET_IFACE en11 it looks like the client knows that something happened in the OS, but doesn't do anything about it?

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