OpenVPN stops for no reason

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OpenVPN stops for no reason

Post by dexteruk » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:09 am

I have an openvpn server running with about 20 clients. Everythings has been working perfectly fine up to about 3 days ago.. :-(

The problem is only on one site. The VPN works after rebooting the ADSL for about 3 mins then it stops. If i reboot the client after it stops the VPN starts but i am unable to access the VPN network, I get the VPN IP address but no traffic is passing, the Internet is working fine. It will only starts again after i reboot the ADSL.

I have replaced the ADSL router thinking it could be a problem with modem itself, but no the problem still persists.

If i take the client to another location and connect it to a different ADSL it works perfectly well without any issues at all.

If i connect a N900 with Openvpn to the problematic ADSL the same thing happens, but if i switch the N900 onto the 3G network it works perfectly.

I have contacted telefonica with regards to the problem but they are there usual helpful self. It would seem however the ADSL is running perfectly fine as there are not other problems with general internet access.

So if anyone has any great ideas what it could be, and if you have any ideas how i could prove the problem is with Telefonica it would be great.



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Re: OpenVPN stops for no reason

Post by maikcat » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:45 am

hi there,

please post configs for start
also logs would be usefull...

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