Windows 10 vs Android: connecting to RDP

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Windows 10 vs Android: connecting to RDP

Post by carl.block » Thu Feb 25, 2021 10:09 pm

Searched a bunch and cannot find anything to solve my issue, which is: I have a DD-WRT openvpn setup on my router. While at home, I use Windows RDP on a plex/office server with no speed issues at all (on the local network). While away, I can use RD on my phone with the openvpn connection active with no issues (except is so darn small and hard to navigate....) but on my laptop computer, when I try to use the openvpn connection, RD is not usable. It'll connect, but will not show the screen, will lose connection, etc. I have scaled down my connection to not use anything local, not have any visual options, etc. Bare Bones will not even work. Why do I have no issues on my phone through OpenVpn, but the laptop will not connect using the RD connection? I messed around with MTU settings this morning, didn't seem to help. Not sure what I need to provide you all for help. Do I share my whole log and config file or will that contain info I shouldn't share? I apologize in advance if there is an obvious solution that I missed, but I'm at a loss and cannot find it.

Thank you!

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