Routing out from Server to rest of subnet

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Routing out from Server to rest of subnet

Post by WARVPN » Sun Jan 10, 2021 5:58 pm

Hi all,

I have setup a separate CA and OpenVPN Server on Debian 9 and I am able to establish a VPN tunnel from an internet connected client successfully.

Normally I can do a push route to tell the client where to go however I cannot seem to make that work due to some network complications, let me explain:

The OVPNServer is virtual and tagged on VLAN 99, the hypervisor it is sat on is also tagged on VLAN 99.

My goal is to have a client VPN in and be able to access a share on the hypervisor but I cannot figure out how to make that happen, here is a rough diagram of the setup

[Client (]-----[internet]---[L3 router]--[L2 switch]----VLAN 99-----[Hypervisor ( With Guest OVPNServer (]

I am lacking the skills to figure out how to get the client on to be able to access the subnet

even if I push this route as part of the server configuration the client cannot see the hypervisor and i'm not sure why,

Can anybody see where I am going wrong?

Thank you for any assistance

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