OpenVPN Server with 2 NICs and 2 different networks

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OpenVPN Server with 2 NICs and 2 different networks

Post by poppm » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:35 pm


first things first. The OpenVPN project is very amazing. I use it since several years. But now I don't know where I make the mistake in the configuration.

The Environment:
OpenVPN Server 2.4.7 running on an Ubuntu 20.04 Server Proxmox VM.
It have two NICs, one for each network and
There are two different networks. The external with as gateway with direct internet access.
The internal network with as gateway with internet access over WAN to To use this 2 routers like a fake DMZ.
There are no problems until here.
The Server listen on address what is forwarded in the router(1194/udp) and open in iptables/ufw.
The connection is established very fast and stable. All networks on the nic in ...178.0 are reachable. Even other VPNs created by the router to router (lan/lan)function in my router.

But i cant reach the network behind the second nic. The VM itself can ping and provide data to all of them.
I've browsed so many boards and tutorials tonsolve my problem. All i've found is to push "route...." and iroute in ccd directory files. But i think thats only possible if the pushed networks are reachable over openvpn listening nic? But i tried the solution and it not solving my problem. If i ping a device from my smartphone connected to vpn the tracer shows the internal vpn ip 10.8.0.* and the target ip. Perfect, but if I ping thebothers nic devices it shows just nothing in tracer view.

I hope somebody can help with my problem and my cruel english.

Best regards

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