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auth-user-pass-verify via-env fail after update openvpn

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:49 pm
by Getby
Hello all we use that metod to authenticate our users into vpn using google oauth2 everything was work before the update from 2.4.4_1 to 2.4.6_1. (pfsence)Now it says Auth fail. Google generates a token for each email in our google domain. I guess the issue is because our users are with name containing email adress and with password with 45 symbols containing /-_ symbols. Is there any particular issue related to that I test up with local user with the same token as password as generated token and it seems that eveything is working. Obv I am not allowed to create users with @ in their name. Anything new related to openvpn-auth-script or anything in particular. I've debugged the script and it is working. There are no client secreds or ID changes.