Force client to use specific outgoing IPv6 address

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Force client to use specific outgoing IPv6 address

Post by arachma1 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:23 pm

This is my first post so hello everybody.

I have been searching around, but I still cannot find the best solution for my problem. So I try to post it here now.

I have 2 VPS' that I want them to connect to each other via VPN. I have set dedicated IPv6 addresses on each of them for this purpose. And I want all VPN traffics only go through those specific IPv6 addresses.

On the server side, I can set OpenVPN to listen to a specific IPv6 address using local directive and it can be happily started. However when I set the same at the client side, OpenVPN refuses to start. There is no information on any OpenVPN related logs a part from the following error shown on my SSH terminal when I tried to start OpenVPN:

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root@ledzeppelin:/etc/openvpn# /etc/init.d/openvpn start
[FAIL] Starting virtual private network daemon: client failed!
As you all know, on the OpenVPN documentation it is written the following:

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–local host
Local host name or IP address for bind. If specified, OpenVPN will bind to this address only. If unspecified, OpenVPN will bind to all interfaces.
So I guess the local directive is only applicable for the server as it needs to listen to the incoming VPN request.

Everything works fine when I removed the local directive from client.conf. But all VPN traffics on the VPS client side go through the main IPv6 address which I want it to be used only by other services like HTTP and HTTPS.

Perhaps I can workaround that by using ip6tables to forward all VPN traffics to its dedicated IPv6 address. But my ip6tables firewall might look ugly.

Did any of you ever experience the same issue? If so, what kind of solution did you apply to fix that?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


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