DNS, OpenVPN and Privacy

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DNS, OpenVPN and Privacy

Post by sonus.faber@tin.it » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:24 am

Good morning,
sorry to post a simple question, but can not solve it.

I work in a company where internet browsing is limited and so on.
So I installed OpenVPN server in my home and I have a virtual machine running in Oracle VM in my office computer.
In this VM ( Windows 10) I installed OpenVPN client.
I start my office PC, I start the VM and connect the VM to my home through OpenVPN.
My company is running a proxy server and I can connect to my home very easily, I work on my files if I need, I control my video cameras, my alarm system, my air conditioner, curtains, etc.
Just perfect.

Where is the problem?
Running Wireshark on my office PC (not inside the guest VM OS, but in the host OS) and looking at the captured packets, I see that ALL the DNS queries coming from the VM guest OS are performed against the company's DNS server and it is very annoying.
The guest VM has two network interface: the standard Ethernet one and the TAP adapter, both DHCP.
If I force the DNS on the Ethernet to be the DNS running at my home, no results since the queries always run against the company DNS server.
If I force the DNS on the TAP adapter to be my DNS @ home, then I can not resolve host names.

At the end of the story, I would like that ALL the traffic running to and from my guest VM go through the VPN.

Where am I wrong?


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