Force OpenVPN to use specific NIC; using two VPN-connections at the same time to boost performance

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Force OpenVPN to use specific NIC; using two VPN-connections at the same time to boost performance

Post by gree » Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:17 pm

Hi there,
I was thinking of boosting VPN in a creative way.

In detail I'd like to use two NIC's creating two seperate VPN connections to the same location.
This will result in two VPN connections running next to each other.
These two seperate VPN's could be teamed-up with Intel's ANS to double VPN speed.

a ) Do you think it's possible?
b ) I'm far no expert at all - I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things. Please let me know if you know any details
c ) How force OpenVPN-Client to use a specific NIC via config file?

NIC #1 = This one is connected to a DD-WRT router which runs OpenVPN
NIC #2 = This one should be used within Windows to connect via OpenVPN-Client

Example: Internetspeed without VPN active = 50MBit/s
NIC#1 connected to VPN via router = 10MBit/s
NIC#2 connected to VPN via OpenVPN within Windows = 10MBit/s
After ANS teaming it'd be a speed of 20MBit/s (theoretically)

Both NIC's are teamed together with Intel's ANS software to boost performance (This is up running and works pretty well).
The issue I'm having; how can I tell OpenVPN-Client to use/force NIC#2 instead of any other active connection?
It's also important that OpenVPN connects to VPN before NIC 1+2 are beeing teamed together.
This way the PC could use 2 VPN connections at once; which would result in a speed-boost because it's using 2 VPN connections simultaneously.

Does anyone tried this before?
I've read a little bit about routing. Isn't there a simple solution telling OpenVPN-Client to use a specific NIC via config?
In the OpenVPN Doc's I've found "-dev-node" option; but wasn't able to receive any output beside an error without any further details.

Many thanks ahead. In case of questions please don't hesitate.
Any help is very much welcome.

All the best to all of you.
Best wishes, Gree

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