Access Server Web Interface

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Access Server Web Interface

Post by david9091 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:41 pm

I have installed OpenVPN Access Server (openvpn-install-2.4.8-1602-Win10) on a windows 10 pc using the Easy Windows Guide. I run the GUI and it connects (no errors).

I am trying to download the Connect Client software from the Access Server as recommended ("OpenVPN Access Server, it is recommended to download the OpenVPN Connect client software directly from your own Access Server, as it will then come pre configured for use for VPN for Windows").

Following the instructions I am unable to access the web interface. Have tried different various combinations of https://serverip/, https://serverip:943/, https://serverip:443/, https://serverip:943/admin, https://serverip:443/admin. Nothing will connect. When connected the Access Server shows an ip address of, which I have been using.

Any suggestions please.


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