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Easy? Windows Guide

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:06 pm
by Old_Aftr
Totally new to OpenVPN, this is on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise.

I have some experience with Windows server and client software, IP stuff subnets CIDR etc. but totally lost on keys and encryption.
I installed 2.4.7 as user with Admin rights (i.e. have to click on OK to do things as Admin) I have access to the actual Administrator account (usually hidden) which I intended to use for install and config from now on.

Initially started with "Static key Mini-HOWTO" found it slightly too brief and so looked at the "Easy Windows Guide"

Here I ran into a few problems...

Locations in Windows that my login didn't have (direct) access to, i.e. I could access by giving permissions or using environment variables.
In creation of keys there were more values to specify than suggested.
In editing server.ovpn it was difficult (in Notepad) to first find and then edit as things like no spaces between the preceding and following parameters.
Also not sure if the quotes in "C:\\Program Files\\.......... " were to be typed or were just to show what was to be added.
Not sure if spaces in the server.ovpn make any difference as the content when open in Notepad is just a mess of characters without any formatting (use a different editor?).
One thing also missing from the server.ovpn which was dh dh1024.pem this was not there, but dh dh2048.pem was ??

Also not sure if the various parameters to add, location Country Name etc. had to be exactly the same in both server and client configuration?

My reason for use is to learn about VPNs, by among other things connecting from a remote location here I have access to the Plusnet router (seems to allow ports to be open) from my Laptop with OpenVPN to my home Synology router 2600ac which also has OpenVPN available.

Final use will be for users off-site to connect in via the Plusnet router (may replace with a Billion 8800NL R2 for easier config) into the network via VPN.

First I have to get my config right and how I apply the keys generated on my Laptop to the Synology.

Suspect I need to uninstall and start again, but would like to resolve the slight problems listed above before attempting this.


Re: Easy? Windows Guide

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:52 pm
by TinCanTech

Re: Easy? Windows Guide

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:47 pm
by Old_Aftr
Thanks, Will take a look.

Answer to the scramble of letters in Notepad is Notepad++ which shows everything neatly in place, recommended !