OpenVPN Silent Installation Parameters

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OpenVPN Silent Installation Parameters

Post by mk720 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:58 pm

We use OpenVPN on our machines to enable our engineers and employees to log in remotely. With the older version of the software requiring admin access, all our remote engineers have admin rights to their laptops. The newer version (2.4) does away with this requirement and as such, we would like to upgrade all our laptops to OpenVPN 2.4 and take away admin privileges from our engineers.

I have been trying endlessly to install the new version through Lansweeper's Deployment option but with no success. After contacting Lansweeper, it was brought to my attention that they do not have silent install parameters for OpenVPN.

Can someone please provide us the silent install parameters so that we can deploy OpenVPN 2.4 upgrade via Lansweeper?

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Re: OpenVPN Silent Installation Parameters

Post by TinCanTech » Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:25 pm

Full administrator rights are a pre-requisite for openvpn installation.

Once installed an administrator also has to add the user to the new "Openvpn Administrators" group.
This is not a machine admin group and does not confer any privileges to the user, other than the openvpn
Interactive service will check that the user is allowed to use the service by membership of that group.
(I believe a prompt will be shown for this after install)

As for silent installation, I believe there is a -s or /s option, although I am not sure it is available in 2.4 ..
(Also, the TAP-Adapter may still require confirmation)

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