TAP install fails 2.3.4-002 Windows 8.1 - Fix

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TAP install fails 2.3.4-002 Windows 8.1 - Fix

Post by chiefvelo » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:34 pm

I finally found the solution to installing TAP again on windows. The REG edit worked perfectly for me.

http://support.vpnsecure.me/articles/fr ... -error-fix

Alternative 3

There is a registry key that some users have found interfering with the TAP driver installation. If you're not comfortable with regedit, please contact our support staff for assistance - you can easily break your pc here!

1. Backup the registry (regedit > export)
2. In start>run>cmd>regedit, browse to the following registry entry:
3. Rename the key called Config to Config.bak

After renaming this key, re-run our windows openvpn installer and it should be able to install the TAP adapter this time.

Hope this helps someone else.