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64bit lib for pkcs-helper for openvpn 2.3.0 and a compile er

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 5:42 am
by udhayacs

I’m trying to build openvpn 2.3.0 in windows 64 bit. I got openssl and lzo 64 bit libs and dlls. But I didn’t get pkcs-helper lib and dll file directly from website or its source code for develop to win64 bit.

Please help me find it.

And also I’m getting the below error while compiling openvpn 2.3.0 in 64 bit using visual studio 2010

error :You cannot use 32-bit time_t (_USE_32BIT_TIME_T) with _WIN64

Error locating file name :crtdefs.h

kindly help..