tls error

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tls error

Post by ubiluc » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:49 am

i can connect to the server with one wifi, but when i try to connect to the server on another wifi it show tls error.

on the faq, there 5 reasons for tls error, and 4 of them is because of the server configuration. Since i can connect with the first wifi then it not the server. And with first wifi i can connect, so it means my firewall is not blocking the outgoing traffic for openvpn.

i have no access to the wifi setting and server log. the server use 443 for connect. it unusually for wifi to block 443, is there other port openvpn need for connect and does anyone know what is wrong?

This is not related to the above problem. once i connect to openvpn it seem every program can connect to the internet using openvpn. is there a way to make openvpn follow my firewall rules in window, and iptable in linux?

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