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Network Issues in mixed Linux Windows Environment.

Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:38 pm
by marto72
I used to got a 2 linux (acting as router/firewalls) server client vpn that was working perfectly, recently i was requested to add a new node that was running on windows network environment with a linksys firewall.

The environment is like this.

Home Branch

Linux (router/firewall/dhcp/domain server.).
tun0 -
int. ip.
ext ip. 200.x.x.x

Branch 1

Linux (router/firewall/dhcp/domain server.)
tun0 -
int. ip.
ext. ip. 200.x.x.x

Branch 2.

Linksys (router/firewall/dhcp).
int. ip.
ext. ip. 200.x.x.x

Windows Vpn Client.

From branch1 to home branch, i can ping ssh, connect remote printers without problems just by manually adding a route on the linux (route add, also from home branch i can ssh, connect remote printers and ping to machines on 192.168.2.x.

But from branch3 on the windows client (192.168.3.x net), in can access to or ips, but can't get to any 192.168.1.x machines, and from the 192.168.1.x machines i can't access neither or machine, but from the linux (vpn server) i can ping and telnet to 192.168.3 network.

Any ideas what i'm missing ? a route on the server? port forwarding? enabling port forwarding on the linksys router?

I've tried manually adding a route on the windows machine (route add but still doesn't work.

Your help will be higly appreciatted because this issue is getting me nuts.