HD video over VPN (samba share) lagging

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HD video over VPN (samba share) lagging

Post by akaka » Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:05 pm


I have a OpenVPN server running on a FreeBSD gateway, and access it remotely using a Windows client.

I use it to access my a samba file server behind the gateway, also running FreeBSD. Accessing files and streaming SD-resolution files is okay, but streaming 720p x264 videos (approx 8-10mbit bitrate) is lagging. Even though both the server and client side has a 30mbit/30mbit connection.

I am not able to do detailed testing right now as there will be some time until I visit the remote site. But to prepare for some testing/tuning when I have access, I have a few questions;

- Is it normal that large video files lags even though the bandwith is approx the triple?
- What is the recommended conf settings for such a setup (comp-lzo or not, mtu, cipher none, etc, etc)

Thanks :)

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