Traffic Disapearing over OpenVPN tunnel

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Traffic Disapearing over OpenVPN tunnel

Post by mrjazzman » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:09 am


I have 2 routers connecting to eachother via Openvpn.

They are both running FreeBSD 8.0 and OpenVPN 2.1.3

Configs for each can be found at including log level 5 debug.

TCP dumps' can be found at


Router A has subnet connected via veg0
Router B has subnet connected via vge0

Router A can ping Router B
A host on router A's lan can ping a printer on router b's subnet, however can not connect to port 9100 or 80 on the printer

Printer has no firewall
This happens for multiple printers of various makes and models

On router A side, I plugged in an ubuntu laptop directly to vge0 and still had the same issue (no iptables, pings etc worked so routing was good).

Can do a ping of 1480 bytes from a host behind router A to the printer on B so i don't think it's an MTU issue.

If i remove openvpn and use GRE tunnels the traffic works fine.

TCP Dump shows that traffic goes all the way to the printer, and returns all the way through the tun interface but it does not get to the VGE interface.

Other traffic works fine.

If i put an Rinetd redirect on router a pointing to 9100 on the printer connected to router B, I can connect to the printer via a host on the vge0 network of router A.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please advise if you require further information.

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