OpenVPN Server Installation for Remote Teleworker

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OpenVPN Server Installation for Remote Teleworker

Post by ollyonearth » Wed Mar 31, 2021 5:13 am

Hello good people,
First of all, I apologize if this question have been answered before, I just couldn't find the answer anywhere. I just need help please. So here is my scenario.

I have some servers/applications hosted in my local LAN and have couple of guys I am doing project with but in another state (separate network). I am trying to set up a VPN such that they can just VPN into my network to access the servers. I have some linux command line skills and I was able to install the openvpn server on a centos7 successfully and access the gui on my browser. The part I am having problem is to get this work over the internet so that my remote guys can use the openvpn client to access my network.

I am lost at this point. The openvpn has a private IP 192.x.x.x in my local network, but I am not sure what then needs to be done in order to grant the guys access. I have googling for articles for the missing part but cant seem to find anything and hoping someone can help me here.

unfotunately we dont have money for the enterprise version yet as we are couple of guys just trying things out and oping to be able to use community based opensource openvpn.
Please help point me to the right direction. Maybe the right article/link that can help my case.

My current setup
openvpn server = Centos 7
home router = verizon g3100 router

please help.

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