Ospf + openvpn + iroute

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Ospf + openvpn + iroute

Post by CedLonigo » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:34 pm

Good morning

I have stumbled on the issue of "bad source address from client" when attempting to route packets in a non trivial manner.

The configuration is ospf based, where ospf is in charge of distributing routes and I have a network where interfaces/networks are on "the other side of tunnel"

I have solved the trivial case with proper application of ccd and an iroute but the real issue is that this is totally crap in terms of network resilience and proper routing.

The question is simple: How can I have ospf "inform" openvpn that it is openvpn responsability to transfer packets from one side of the tunnel to the other side of the tunnel, regardless of what openvpn think should be sent trough it.

If ospf has decided that tun0 should carry traffic for a given network openvpn should just obey to it

Hopefully the question is clear enough for some guru to understand it.


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