NetGear XR5000 Configuration Help

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NetGear XR5000 Configuration Help

Post by lgfz71 » Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:32 pm


I recently bought a new NetGear XR500 router (Nighthawk AC3200 died) and I'm trying to configure OpenVPN on it. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to OpenVPN as I've had no need to configure this until now. However, I'm having some issues with my VPN client unable to see my LAN devices.

Here's an image of my network:

A written version:
I have an outward facing AT&T router/modem (fiber connection) with IP passthrough (DMZ Plus) disabled, behind that sits my NetGear XR500 which hosts the OpenVPN server. I've configured the OpenVPN server (limited configuration) to allow clients to access LAN devices and internet. I cannot post my configuration file as it sits on my NetGear.

My internal router's subnet is
OpenVPN assigns IP addresses from the subnet.
VPN connections from iOS devices are always successful but I cannot see any other LAN device aside from my Synology NAS via a browser at I would assume this is a limitation on iOS from the research I have done. The goal here is to be able to use my iPad to a connect to my network and access my local computers.

Here's the ovpn file my iOS devices use:

Code: Select all

dev tun
proto udp
remote  12973
resolv-retry infinite
cipher AES-128-CBC
verb 5
Is there any additional configuration options I need to apply to be able to see my other LAN devices? I've already attempted to enable IP passthrough on my AT&T router and place my NetGear in the DMZ Plus. This seems to cause additional non-related issues such as SSH broken pipes.

Perhaps someone has achieved this desired configuration with a similar network setup.

Thanks in advance.

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