OpenVPN high ping?

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OpenVPN high ping?

Post by libtrix » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:04 am

Good Morning,

I recently bought a VPS on the Internet and installed an OpenVPN server.

I have an Ubuntu server at home that I have connected to the server. It runs a TeamSpeak server, a web server, etc.

I use the VPN as port forwarding, which means that as soon as I want to connect via the IP of the VPS on the Internet, you will be forwarded to the server here with me and connected. The problem is that when I have a 40-50 ping on the TeamSpeak and there are always small connection problems. However, this does not matter that my internet / VPS provider is bad, I have already checked that.

When I connect to the VPN with my Windows PC and do a speed test, I get an 8-10 ping.

Maybe someone had the same problem or knows a solution? I would be happy to see an answer.

Sincerely yours

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