how to see the clients LAN network

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how to see the clients LAN network

Post by DavidJD » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:24 am

good morning,
I wanted to tell you some details, if you could help me, I searched on this topic and I hardly find any related topics.
It happened to me after installing a VPN, that the client1 could do PING to the dotted network (server and the internal LAN of the server (, but from the server to the client1 not to PING, check several blogs and it happens that the blockage is the Windows 10 firewall, which should be deactivated in rule TAP-win32, try to look for it in the same guide of the blog (which is openvpn), but I did not find it, remove the rule as it said in another blog about the network that creates openvpn and still nothing happens.
Could you help me on this issue, I am not interested in deactivating the firewall, just accepting the rule to avoid this in windows.

At another point, I wanted to know if it is possible as server do ping to the client1, can see the LAN network ( and the TUN network ( that creates openvpn,
could the openvpn server see the LAN networks of the clients? .


server network LAN
server network TUN
Client LAN
Client TUN

ping server openvpn - client TUN ------------- OK (no firewall)
ping server openvpn - client LAN ------------- NO
ping client openvpn - server LAN ------------- OK
ping client openvpn - server TUN ------------- OK

Thanks in advance

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