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IP cam using 4G network

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 8:28 am
by mestereaga
Hi everybody,
I found this topic: viewtopic.php?t=26043
I am almost in the same situation: I have a 4g modem (ZTE mf823) which is plugged into a raspberry pi. The RPI is configured as a DHCP server and it has two clients on eth0 interface (two IP cameras). So this sums up to the following:
usb0 - the ZTE interface that gives internet access
eth0 - local area network, the rpi can reach cameras via this interface

Currently I use some NAT rules that allows my cameras to get internet connection and I can access them with P2P, but this protocol is not secure at all - the cameras are cheap - and also it has some limitations - there is just one android application that can access the camera's stream using p2p. What I want is to have access to the camera's WAP or to the RTSP port, so I can directly get the stream.

Is it possible to install a VPN client on this setup, then using another raspberry pi as a VPN server (installed to another router which can do ip forwarding) in that way to have direct access to my cameras from my VPN server ? I read the topic, but I'm not really sure what was done there, maybe a basic tutorial that can cover this scenario will be great.

So what I think is that somehow I should route the internet traffic that is given by 4g modem through VPN ( some iptables rules between usb0 and tun0)... but then I have no idea how I can reach the IP cameras from vpn server.
I'll appreciate any help from your side. Thanks.