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Running multiple server configs

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:40 pm
by lordmata
I'm trying to run multiple server.conf files on my VPS, but it seems to
always look only for server.conf file.

I've edited the the /etc/default/openvpn file to AUTOSTART="server-tap"
to just try to redirect it to only one config for now and it doesn't work.
The service crashes with the following message: Apr 17 09:50:41
vps234963 systemd[1]: Failed to start OpenVPN connection to server.
I've ran "systemctl daemon-reload" after editing the AUTOSTART line.

As soon as I put back the original "server.conf" file back into the
/etc/openvpn/ directory it restarts fine (even if AUTOSTART is still
pointing to server-tap.conf).

I've installed OpenVPN using the angristan script

Any ideas what could be happening here?