Apple AirPort Extreme

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Apple AirPort Extreme

Post by davidw1234 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:34 pm


I have started setting up an OpenVPN server on a HP laptop that I no longer need. I am new to VPNs so perhaps I have been a bit slow in realising that I may be going to hit a problem. My ISP provides a cable router/modem and I have that set to pass straight through (they call it "modem mode") to my Apple Airport Extreme router. The Airport Extreme allows me to allocate a static local IP address for my VPN Server machine; great. It also allows me to forward UDP port 1194 to that same static local IP address; great.

However, I realise that OpenVPN will be allocating its own set of local VPN IP addresses to the VPN clients that use my OpenVPN server. I think they will be in the range 10.8.0.x. Presumably the VPN Server will send out traffic with 10.8.0.x as the source IP. So the traffic coming back from the host in response will have 10.8.0.x as the destination. Will I need to have a way of forwarding traffic destined for the 10.8.0.x IP addresses to the VPN Server's local IP address? I assume it's the OpenVPN server's job to keep track of the mapping of 10.8.0.x IP addresses to the local IP addresses distributed by DHCP. If that's right, how does that forwarding happen? AirPort Extreme does not seem to allow me to forward a range of IP addresses to a particular local IP. I am now getting a bit confused about which ports will be in use for such traffic. I don't imagine the 1194 port forwarding helps at all. Does anyone have advice or have I misunderstood completely?


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Re: Apple AirPort Extreme

Post by ahb » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:10 am

Hi David,

Have you had any luck figuring this out?

I too use AirPort Extreme, at least for a few more months.


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