Need help understanding openvpn-status log file

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Need help understanding openvpn-status log file

Post by bhemminger » Tue Nov 06, 2018 4:27 pm

What does the date an time in the column Last Ref of the routing table in my openvpn-status log file (see openvpn-status-gb.log below) mean?

I have a known list of VPN clients that should be connected to my VPN. If one of those VPN clients is no longer connected to my VPN, i want to find out as quick as possible. Is the openvpn-status log file the place to look for this information?

* Server *

Operating system:

Code: Select all

# uname -a
Linux hostname 4.4.0-34-generic #53-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 27 16:06:39 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Server config file:

port 11941
proto udp
dev tun
ca easy-rsa-gb/keys/ca.crt
cert easy-rsa-gb/keys/server.crt
key easy-rsa-gb/keys/server.key
dh easy-rsa-gb/keys/dh1024.pem
server x.x.x.x x.x.x.x
ifconfig-pool-persist ipp-gb.txt
keepalive 10 120
status openvpn-status-gb.log
status-version 3
verb 3

openvpn-status-gb.log file:

Code: Select all

TITLE   OpenVPN 2.4.6 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu [SSL (OpenSSL)] [LZO] [LZ4] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] [MH/PKTINFO] [AEAD] built on Apr 24 2018
TIME    Thu Nov  1 15:30:53 2018        1541082653
HEADER  CLIENT_LIST     Common Name     Real Address    Virtual Address Virtual IPv6 Address    Bytes Received  Bytes Sent      Connected Since              Connected Since (time_t)        Username        Client ID       Peer ID
CLIENT_LIST             common-name-1   x.x.x.x:45965   x.x.x.x                                 4831404         3702538         Thu Nov  1 12:07:49 2018     1541070469                      UNDEF           111             1
CLIENT_LIST             common-name-2   x.x.x.x:56948   x.x.x.x                                 5122261         4592810         Thu Nov  1 11:11:50 2018     1541067110                      UNDEF           110             4
CLIENT_LIST             common-name-3   x.x.x.x:32902   x.x.x.x                                 144184          193843          Thu Nov  1 10:49:55 2018     1541065795                      UNDEF           109             5
CLIENT_LIST             common-name-4   x.x.x.x:48841   x.x.x.x                                 15427879        16855353        Fri Oct  5 10:11:50 2018     1538727110                      UNDEF           3               3
CLIENT_LIST             common-name-5   x.x.x.x:58844   x.x.x.x                                 5414107         4337856         Sun Oct 28 15:55:19 2018     1540738519                      UNDEF           91              2
HEADER  ROUTING_TABLE   Virtual Address Common Name     Real Address    Last Ref                        Last Ref (time_t)
ROUTING_TABLE           x.x.x.x         common-name-1   x.x.x.x:58844   Thu Nov  1 15:30:48 2018        1541082648
ROUTING_TABLE           x.x.x.x         common-name-2   x.x.x.x:48841   Fri Oct  5 10:11:51 2018        1538727111
ROUTING_TABLE           x.x.x.x         common-name-3   x.x.x.x:56948   Thu Nov  1 15:02:04 2018        1541080924
ROUTING_TABLE           x.x.x.x         common-name-4   x.x.x.x:45965   Thu Nov  1 15:30:51 2018        1541082651
ROUTING_TABLE           x.x.x.x         common-name-5   x.x.x.x:32902   Thu Nov  1 13:08:40 2018        1541074120
GLOBAL_STATS    Max bcast/mcast queue length    4

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Re: Need help understanding openvpn-status log file

Post by DJrunkie » Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:26 pm

Hey! I know this is like super late but I saw you had a question about the Last Ref column. I believe that is the last time that client was seen or logged in shown in Epoch Time. At least I know that is Epoch Time.

You can convert Epoch time into a human readable format using this tool.

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