All machines accessible through openVPN except one

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All machines accessible through openVPN except one

Post by etarr » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:09 pm

I'm having an odd problem that I can't figure out at the office. We have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter providing a VPN (L2TP) that most of the office uses when working remotely, but a couple of the programmers prefer to use OpenVPN. No problem, we had a Linux machine that wasn't doing much, so I set up an OpenVPN server on it.

Only problem is, users connecting through it can't access shares on one of the builder machines ("you might not have permission to use this network resource"). It can be pinged by address or by name, but the shares can't be browsed. It's running Windows 10 and is accessible from literally everywhere else, including when connecting remotely through the EdgeRouter VPN. All other machines on the network, Windows or Linux, are accessible through the OpenVPN connection, just not that one. I tried disabling the firewall on it temporarily just for fun, but no dice.

OpenVPN is running in bridge mode, TAP interface, with an LDAP plugin for AD authentication, and I set aside a small number of IPs on the office subnet to be assigned. Connecting users properly receive one of the IPs, and are able to browse every other machine on the network just fine.

I'm sure I must be missing something obvious...what should I be looking at?


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