New Nexus vPC and OpenVPN client issues to server local subnet

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New Nexus vPC and OpenVPN client issues to server local subnet

Post by dbertos » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:06 pm

We upgraded our network switches from cisco catalyst to cisco nexus w/ vPC - OpenVPN clients seem to have packetloss when accessing the subnet that the OpenVPN server resides on (one of our servers vlans.)

If the OpenVPN client routes to a different subnet/vlan on the same switch we have no issues. It's only when we're going to the subnet local to the openvpn server where we are seeing dropped packets and webpages are unable to load..

I am assuming this has something to do with how the clients get loadbalanced in a cisco nexus vPC setup.

The only idea I could come up with as a possible fix was to create a dedicated vlan/subnet for the OpenVPN server that way the OpenVPN clients always have to 'route' to the subnet we're having issues reaching currently.

If anyone has run into this behavior i'd greatly appreciate if they'd chime in


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