DNS Issue

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DNS Issue

Post by steveyg_uk » Wed May 16, 2018 6:55 am


I'm new to OPENVPN, I have read lots of documentation and tried alot of fixes all to no avail. I'm now reaching out....

GOAL:- Resolve hostname of server lets say PJ

Issue;- if I ping PJ doesn't resolve. If I ping pj.domain.local it resolves.

Users won't be using FQDN they will use hostname.

BACKGROUND:- ESXI VM - OPENVPN latest build 2.5.2

Default config but with following changes
> VPN SETTINGS > VPN IP NETWORK > DNS Settings > use specific DNS server >>> set to PJ ip address
> VPN SETTINGS > VPN IP NETWORK > DNS Resolution Zones (optional) >> set to domain.local and same for DD suffix

Everything else hasn't been touched - thus Windows Networking optional is still set to Don't alter windows settings on clients.

TCP DUMP on port 53 shows data routing over VPN. ping pj comes shows up but its prefix to pj.home.local. If I ping pj.domain.local it returns the correct IP address.

How do I resolve this please? I ideally want the hostname only to be queried and auto prefex to pj.domain.local

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