my company blocks OpenVPN

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my company blocks OpenVPN

Post by » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:46 am

in order to connect from work to my home, 1 year ago I setup OpenVPN on a Raspberry Pi3 in my home.
I was able to connect from my PC inside the company to my home, using the corporate proxy... until some weeks ago.
Our company blocked just OpenVPN... I mean that other VPN continue to work as usual and the block is at proxy server level.

They suggested to me to switch to other kind of VPN.
They also told me that they can identify the OpenVPN looking at some header in the packet.

how to "change" the way OpenVPN prsents itself to the proxy? Let me say... chenge the headers and so on.

P.S.: on the Raspeberry runs PiVPN that is a bounce of scripts embedding OpenVPN. and I am using the official OpenVPN gui\client on Windows 10.


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